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Thank you Media Temple!

When I originally got into the website thing for myself back in 2001 I registered my domain with a company in Australia. I’m not sure why I went that route, but it happened. When private registration became available I went with it. Each time the name came up for renewal it was quite expensive – the private registration didn’t help keeping costs down either.

Recently I was informed it was time to renew again and the cost was again really expensive. I tried to do an online payment begrudgingly and it didn’t go through. Visa thought it suspicious to have a big charge to an Australian company. I had to call the company and get my card turned back on. I told them I would be making a purchase in Australia.

I sat there and thought to myself, “Why am I doing this? I should transfer this domain and save some money and headache.”

I popped into my Media Temple account center and saw there was a tool called Domain Mover. For $25 they do all the work of transferring the name over to MT. My domain was unlocked but I had to turn the private bit off on the domain name. Once I did that they took care of the rest. After several days they now hold the domain registration and also renewed it until next year.

Billing is automatic so I don’t need to sweat domain expiration again. I’ve been very happy with Media Temple hosting – and this service they provide is over-the-top as far as I am concerned.

Thank you Media Temple.

Three cheers for Pure Hockey in Berlin, MA

Recently I’ve gotten the bug to play pickup hockey at Loring Arena here in Boston. I used to play pickup at the Ice-o-plex in Pittsburgh and I had a blast. That was 10-15 years ago. Since then I wasn’t playing and then our hot water heater ruptured in our old house and flooded the basement – and most of my gear was ruined. Since I want to start playing again soon… I needed to buy some stuff.

I recently ordered some stuff (a helmet, elbow pads, and slash guard) online before knowing about Pure Hockey in Berlin, MA. I took a drive out there with my son and initially drove past the place because I didn’t think the store could be as big as the building we saw. The store is enormous and has two floors packed full of great equipment.

I checked out the Easton that Chris Kunitz likes – I think the price per stick is around $250. They have several thousand dollars worth of sticks – of just that type. Overall they must have several thousand sticks on the floor – ranging from affordable to high-end pro-level stuff. You can say that of just about anything you can think of.

Anyway, I got a ton of stuff I needed (compression pants, pro socks with velcro tabs, pants, tape, Vapor One.4 stick <kane/77 – should have gone with 100>, etc). The store marked nearly everything down initially and they recently had a 20% off sale on top of that. My previous skates (which survived the flood) were too narrow and the bottom of my right foot (my problem sizing foot for skates) used to cramp up on the bottom. I’d have to simply skate through the pain.

Well – today I went alone to check out skates. I got my own salesperson and told him my situation and my budget (around $200). I initially picked up a Bauer Vapor and he told me that skate sizes narrower and to avoid it. I checked out other Bauers (Supreme) and a Reebok something or other for around $475. My left foot never has any problems with fit with boots, but my right always gives me fits. After trying on many skates, we discovered that I need a little more room in the right toe box or else there will be pinching on top up front. I tried on the Reebok’s and they felt absolutely perfect – yet out of my price range.

I was about to settle for a Bauer that pinched a little bit and cost a little over $200 with the sale and 20% off. We tried one more skate, a Bauer Supremem One.5 – and it fit me perfectly and after sale & 20% off only cost about $150. The guy sold me skates that absolutely fit me for a lower price than what I was prepared to walk out the door with. It’s not a super high-end skate but looks nice enough and won’t kill my feet. I want to spend more time having fun and skating than grimacing with a foot that’s cramped up and hurting.

There is nothing at that store you won’t be able to find – and at amazing prices. Take a little drive and save yourself shipping and handling. It’s nirvana.

Radium 3

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.53.20 AM
Radium 3 is available in the App Store for $9.99 until February 19th. I pop around from Spotify to iTunes but I also like Internet Radio from vTuner. But I use a browser to get at those. I listen to music all day every day. I never tried Radium out – and reading the recent reviews about it not working anymore I was hesitant. But I pulled the trigger.

Initially it wasn’t playing anything and there really isn’t a browse for it… you kind of need to know what to look for in advance. I can favorite stations, but I don’t see a Favorites list anywhere instantly viewable. So while it’s not perfect, it is streaming stuff for me. I like how it’s tucked away up in the menu bar.

We’ll see how this goes. I want to like it more than I do.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 1.44.23 PM

Now that I’ve used it for more than eight minutes, I have found things I missed before – notably what happens to the things I favorite. If you clear the search field, those items appear in the autocomplete list. Many stations take a while to initiate actual playback, but I don’t believe that is any fault of the application itself. I have a wide open pipe here, but sometimes latencies get introduced depending on the origination of the stream.

Update 2:
I added the update above before realizing that someone from the CatPig team actually (somehow) found this post about Radium 3 (Google filter perhaps?) and commented to me know about the Favorites list.

  1. It’s very cool to have a comment from someone on the development team. A honor really. Much like the responsiveness from the people working on Wunderlist.
  2. I personally might add a widget row below the text field and the autocomplete list – to allow for some more direct things. I don’t know if they have the capability in API to generate a full list broken down by location (eg. I might want to look at available stations in Paris or Krakow and drill in), but it’s an option I might like and use often.
  3. I’ve noticed a bug (I think) when I search & the autocomplete comes up, I click on it to play – and I get a spinner for a long time. I abandon that station and click to play on another – and the first station continues to try and connect/buffer and the second doesn’t attempt to play until I click on it a second time.

8-bit pixel fireplace for OS X

It’s cold out there in many areas in the United States. There are plenty of fireplace apps out there in the wild, but anything as cool as this?

Alfred found something awesome...

Alfred found something awesome…

You can grab the OS X application here. It’s interactive which is a huge bonus. It’s really awesome. And it almost makes the room feel warmer. I forgot I had this application. I can’t wait to use it at work.

Gunnar glasses

After a long day of coding or designing my eyes are a bit tired. Staring at pixels for hours on monitors takes its toll. My eyes don’t dry out and I don’t suffer from mind-splitting headaches, but my eyes definitely become tired at the end of each work day.

Gunnar Optiks 3D

I have these same frames, but the clear plastic on the “stems” aren’t clear but a tint of dark brown.

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Trespassing? WTF…

Today I was cleaning out our basement – we have a lot of old stuff in boxes down there. We rented a dumpster and it’s out front beside our driveway (we have two driveways, it was on one of them next to the house). So I took out some stuff and also put a big newborn rocking chair out there (it’s for the mother to help rock an infant in while feeding, etc.) That chair is very heavy and it took me a while to get it in there. I am taking the stuff out of our basement back door and around to the dumpster.

Fast-forward 30 minutes of me gathering up more things to throw away and I am making my way around the house again with more boxes and what do I see? That big heavy chair against the back of our house in the snow. Wha?! A really strong ghost – or someone taking our refuse?

I see heavy boot prints around in the snow and they sure aren’t mine. I go back in and I get my Kabar and walk around the house – looking for prints by any windows, the back-door, etc. Nothing – but since I’ve made so many tracks I decide to run through the house, Kabar at the ready. Nothing.

So I now assume some asshole went through our dumpster and put the chair behind our house to hide it so he can come back to get it. Is dumpster-diving a common thing? Were they worried someone else would take it? It’s not dark yet, but I know if they hid it and they are coming back, they will do so before the sun goes down. They wouldn’t want suspicious headlights in our driveway, right?

I continue taking out load after load of stuff to the dumpster, listening for any sounds of movement generated outside my area of influence. I then decide to put the chair back in the dumpster. I figure why do I want someone creeping around my house again – if they want the chair they will have to get it out of the dumpster again. Incredibly creepy!

It’s starting to get dark (it’s now 3:50PM) and I hear voices as I am coming around the side to the dumpster with another load. Two guys are inside the dumpster taking the chair out again. I drop the stuff I was carrying so I can free my hands in case I have to go for the Kabar. Who knows – lots of weird people out there. I ask them what the hell they are doing, etc. One guy plays smart cop to the other dumb cop, “I told him we should have asked before taking this… it’s rude, right?” To which his friend says, “But I can’t resist this stuff. I put it in your backyard so no one else could take it.” I told them to take it but to get the hell out off my property.

A guy says they knocked on the front door to ask, but that’s a lie – I would have heard that. Then he says he didn’t think anyone would be around to ask. I tell them to hurry up and just take it. Truth is that taking it has freed up room in the dumpster. So I wasn’t going to be a prick and say no. Besides, I figured they would come back sometime and get it anyway. Let’s just end this.

The second guy looks at me and says, “Looks like you have a lot of kids stuff here. My friend lives around here and I know a lot of the kids. They love toys.” The look in this dude’s eyes when he said that was truly weird… like he is or was pretending to be harboring pedophile tendencies. My hand went to the butt end of the knife, but I didn’t reveal it.

I told him that our kids are grown up now and this is just old stuff we’ve never gotten around to throwing out. I don’t want that douche thinking about my kids.

They took a while to rope down the chair in the back of a white Chevy pickup truck. The one guy was apologizing – but I told him his were the bootprints around to the back of the house. He didn’t say much after that.

When they were done, I made my way around to the back of the house, but first I snapped a picture of the truck and one of them with my phone. It was from fairly far away, but just in case I might need it.

What do you think about this situation? I think it’s pretty messed up and the fact that they thought it was okay to do makes me wonder. I don’t know if I am overreacting or not. It’s a bad economy and they might use the chair, or fix it up for eBay, etc. I just hope that I don’t see them again.

I am another test post

I should be posted sometime after the first test post scheduled. 2:35PM EDT to be precise.

Test caption.