Thank you Media Temple!

When I originally got into the website thing for myself back in 2001 I registered my domain with a company in Australia. I’m not sure why I went that route, but it happened. When private registration became available I went with it. Each time the name came up for renewal it was quite expensive – the private registration didn’t help keeping costs down either.

Recently I was informed it was time to renew again and the cost was again really expensive. I tried to do an online payment begrudgingly and it didn’t go through. Visa thought it suspicious to have a big charge to an Australian company. I had to call the company and get my card turned back on. I told them I would be making a purchase in Australia.

I sat there and thought to myself, “Why am I doing this? I should transfer this domain and save some money and headache.”

I popped into my Media Temple account center and saw there was a tool called Domain Mover. For $25 they do all the work of transferring the name over to MT. My domain was unlocked but I had to turn the private bit off on the domain name. Once I did that they took care of the rest. After several days they now hold the domain registration and also renewed it until next year.

Billing is automatic so I don’t need to sweat domain expiration again. I’ve been very happy with Media Temple hosting – and this service they provide is over-the-top as far as I am concerned.

Thank you Media Temple.

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One thought on “Thank you Media Temple!

  1. (mt) Sara

    We REALLY appreciate your kinds words and positive review here. I’m so happy to read that we could save you from some stress & hassle. That’s what our Otto service is all about!


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