It’s time to clean up…


It’s empty now… but it won’t be for long.

My recent domain transfer and renewal got me to decide to clean things up around here… this subdomain is so screwed up right now that I cannot upgrade my WordPress installation and I couldn’t be bothered to perform a manual installation.

I have my main domain which contains nothing but old cruft  that simply does nothing but rot.

I have an apps subdomain which is required to serve as support for my deployed iOS application development by Apple. I plan on maintaining that – it’s in decent shape.

My plans are as follows (for the few visitors I may get at any time – or more likely solely for my own benefit really)…

  • Backup my main domain and clean it out. It will serve me as a forking landing page for all the subdomains and perhaps an about and contact form. Simple as that. There is stuff dating back to 2001 in there.
  • Polish up the subdomain – make sure it’s clean of any file clutter and button down the hatches.
  • Update the subdomain – and have that serve as the sole location for blog posts. There isn’t much there at the moment, so this should be pretty peaceful.
  • Clean out the subdomain. There is a lot of stuff there – much which I will migrate to the blog. Here will reside UI/UX design and presentations. I will also link up repositories. This will be more like a development gallery than blog. I can for-see some overlap with the blog in this regard however…
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