Eureka! Mac & IOS Communication

fooGetting a Mac OS X application and an iOS application to communicate with one another has been the bane of my developer existence for several years now.

I have made several attempts at getting it – and I may have come extremely close in the past only to give up and toss the projects.

I’ve been able to get multiple different iOS applications to communicate over Bluetooth and it’s served me well in many instances. But that elusive iOS to OS X thing hung over me like a cloud filled with human-processed refried beans. However I am happy to report that the cloud now contains daisies (not filthy feces) and has released it’s pleasant bounty on my developer brow. Problem solved.

I finally have an OS X and iOS application that connect using Bonjour and communicate with one another over Wi-Fi. This is a big box that I can now check off my list of developer things to do outside normal projects.

Many of you might be thinking to yourself, “What’s the big deal? That should have been pretty easy!” Well, I am and continue to be a bit of a networking apprentice. It’s never been my strong suit, and I’m sure it never will be. I love being able to get things to talk with one another by various means, but when it involves networking I panic a bit. I stumble. It’s the least fun part of what I might be doing.

I do however want to understand how it works, and I dig into StackOverflow, Google, developer documentation, etc. looking for answers to certain things. And then learn from what I read and attempt to implement them – trying to understand what’s going on under the hood. I don’t like to just copy and past a bunch of code that works and not want to learn about why it works.

Anyway – I am really happy today.


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