Tower. A fantastic GIT client for OS X

If you’re a developer on OS X and you’ve used GIT before or plan on doing so in the future, you owe it to yourself to download and try out Tower. It’s promoted by fournova as easy, efficient, and powerful. And it is really is all of those things. $59 and worth every penny.

I’ve browsed and .zip downloaded many GIT repos but that was a pretty lazy and irresponsible way of going about things. Shut out of updates and I wasn’t sharing any repos on github either. Tower opens all of this up in a very, very nice way. Kick those tires and enjoy!

It would be nice someday to have such a client able to handle subversion as well and work with both GIT and subversion repositories. Have that bit invisible to the user unless they wanted the actual source technology exposed. For subversion I use Versions. Versions is also $59 and worth every penny.

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