The Wii U disappointing…

Disappointed? Oh ya…

I have a Wii U and for a current generation console this thing is about as slow as heat off excrement. I choose System Settings and it launches an APP to do it. Doo doo doo doo… really? Everything seems to be an application and needs to launch. Slowly. If I choose anything it should just happen – not make me wait every single time. It honestly a horrible experience. Crap customized Android. I expected a lot more from this console.

The Wi-Fi antenna in the thing might be horrible – or else the software using it is horrible. It drops the connection all the time. Online Services Unavailable. I connect to a network, come back to the Home screen (after a freaking wait) and launch Netflix… Could not connect to the Internet. WTF! Really? And then 20 seconds to get back to the Wii U Menu… [I think I found out this is from Nintendo server or Partner server errors]

The Settings icons is a gray wrench which is actually hard to find even though I know where it is. I have to select a button twice to launch the application (I know they are apps because I have to choose quit to do anything else).

I’m an adult and this is ├╝ber frustrating. How is a kid supposed to do any of this? Even just launching stuff is painfully slow. Kids have less patience than I have I’m sure. They want very responsive actions so if they mistakenly do something they can get right back and fix it. Not with a Wii U.

I’ve spent 45 minutes pin-balling between System Settings and trying to launch Netflix. It’s painful. It saves 6 connections – even if they are all really the same network.

So now again my connection test was successful. Let’s try this again shall we? Before I get so tired of the looping background music that I just turn this thing off. Let’s try YouTube. Waiting. Holy crap I think … nope. Error Code:102-2106. It won’t stay connected!!!!!!

I haven’t gotten to the second screen controller yet. I used it for setup and I was never quite sure where to look. If I can get this stupid thing on a network I’ll be able to report more. Right now I can’t do much of anything and it’s really disappointing.

The Internet browser seems to be working. The curtains feature is cute and works for privacy.

It appears this may be a Nintendo server issue? Since I can reach internet content, yet ANY streaming service on this thing fails it must be going through a conduit somewhere that barfs.

Hey! The System Settings app just crashed! Second screen is frozen on it’s launch screen and the TV just went black. I can’t power the box off with the remote. Turned remote off, back on so it boots – can’t connect to console because that Systems Settings app hosed it. I just had to unplug it and plug it back in and turn it back on. Checking whether online services are available. Hey – it’s preparing. Now to the home screen again. Let’s try YouTube. Launching. Logo. Corner spinner. Error.

F this already.

Another update: I figured let’s try out that NintendoLand game. Launched it – it’s at the splash screen with the curtains and stuff, looping the audio… and it’s stuck. No button advances. Home button on the remote does nothing. Console crashed again.

W. T. F.

Another Update:
I have since moved the hardware to another television nearly on top of our router array and it’s working better in regards to the streaming services applications. The thing is still as slow as molasses, but the stuff is better. I still cannot play the included game as it just hangs in place. I am watching a documentary through Netflix at the moment and it’s working alright. Not much good content in Netflix, but whatever.

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