iPad mini BT keyboards? Consider the one that might be on your desk already.

We’ve all been to meetings where people with iPad minis are laid out on the conference table, the cover rolled up to allow a typing angle. Lots of screen typing, but when an edit is required everything comes to a grinding halt as the process is quite slow.

When the use is casual, this isn’t a problem. But when in a meeting one wants to be able to enter and edit text in a timely manner so as not to become removed from the discussion while one struggles with previous points.

One option is to get a case with a Bluetooth keyboard… and those work well enough. They travel with the iPad and are ready at a moment’s notice. How will I approach this?

Well, I don’t always take notes on my mini – so I personally don’t need a keyboard available all the time within short notice. My meetings are always scheduled ahead of time so I have time to prepare.

I use an Apple BT keyboard with my desktop – and if I need to run to a meeting with the mini to take notes (AwesomeNote), I can just pick up that silver beauty and take it with me to the meeting and use it with the mini. Is it sexy? No. Is it utilitarian? You bet, why leave that keyboard at my desk when I can just take it with me and use it with the device. Is it geeky? I would say absolutely! Use it with my mini, regular iPads, even my iPhone if I need to and it make sense.

I found myself looking at cases with keyboards for the mini, and there are a lot of nice options out there… but why spend extra money just to get another BT keyboard? If you don’t already have one I guess it makes perfect sense to pick one up – but look around your office and see if an already purchased solution is sitting there waiting for you to use it.

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