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After a long day of coding or designing my eyes are a bit tired. Staring at pixels for hours on monitors takes its toll. My eyes don’t dry out and I don’t suffer from mind-splitting headaches, but my eyes definitely become tired at the end of each work day.

Gunnar Optiks 3D

I have these same frames, but the clear plastic on the “stems” aren’t clear but a tint of dark brown.

I spotted Gunnar glasses on some website and figured I would give them a try. So I ordered a pair using Amazon Prime. That same day I took my son to Best Buy to get another PS3 controller for Skylanders Giants and while he was playing on the demo unit I spotted a bunch of Call of Duty Black Ops II stuff in a display. They had Gunnar glasses right there. So I cancelled my Amazon order in the store and purchased those. They are MLG and have a slight yellow tint.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 3.46.27 PMI’ve been using them today and the biggest change is of course the slight magnification of what I’m looking at. It takes a little getting used to, but I don’t have to squint or concentrate as hard. That adds up over time. I do not wear glasses, so I don’t need to worry about prescription lenses or putting them over glasses.

The yellow tint is a little odd, but since I use a black background in Xcode it doesn’t make too much of a difference. It does throw colors off in my graphics applications though, so I remove them for that. The amber tint supposedly filters blue light from my monitors and incandescent lighting – which increases contrast.

The glasses have an anti-reflective coating, reducing glare and reflections on the screens. They are also very, very light. I can’t really feel them on my head except when I move and I can feel them fight against my headphones (over ear) a little bit. They also supposedly prevent dry eyes by the way the lenses are shaped – because when concentrating we tend to forgo as much blinking. I can’t vouch for this as it’s never been a problem I’ve encountered. Good to know though.

They do work. For me at least. My eyes do feel more relaxed. I’ve read reviews on these things that some are actually getting headaches from them. I am lucky that these do not inflict that upon me. At least not yet. We’ll see how my eyes feel driving home tonight after wearing them all day long.

They look goofy for sure, but since I don’t have many interactions while coding that seems to be okay. I am not taking them off and putting them back on at the first hint of socialization. When I take them off I notice the difference and I wonder how I coded without them for so long.

If you’re considering them and you can afford them, I wouldn’t hesitate. They are supposed to be great for gaming as well… so you can always consider that you could use them for work and for play.

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One thought on “Gunnar glasses

  1. Sam @ bifocal sunglasses

    Good article, Eric. I have a jigsaw gunnar glasses which my wife bought from germany. It does make slight magnification, but I just dont like the yellow tint. Its feel strange. And the yellow tinted glasses surely not for one who works with graphics.


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