Wireless charging for iPhone 5 comes when exactly?

I would enjoy a wireless charging system for my iPhone 5 (and potentially a few other devices – a mat large enough for an iPad mini would be extra nice) to make night-time charging at home more elegant. USB cables sprouting from an outlet definitely works but it’s messy looking.

Duracell Powermat

The Duracell Powermat is something what I am after – I’ve checked on their solutions and they have something coming soon™ whenever that is. Anyone have any insight into this? While Binging (I don’t do the Google thing as much anymore – an evil topic for another time), I discovered that Apple has applied for a patent in this arena.

Apple states that their patent covers methods, systems, and apparatus for interacting between a plurality of peripheral devices receiving power wirelessly from a wireless power supply. In one embodiment, a virtual charging area could be created. The virtual charging area will be able to extend to about one meter (3 feet) from a central station that incorporates a NFMR power supply.

NFMR is near-field magnetic resonance. The ability to have devices that don’t need to sit atop a charging mat while connected to a sleeve seems to be the holy grail here. I’d love to use it when/if it ever is productized, but until then a mat with a thin device sleeve will work for me.

I could have someone whip something up for me, but it wouldn’t be as slick as something designed and deployed for a mass market audience. Until then I’ll keep combing the web for a solution, perhaps use a Google alert for it (ugh), or if you have a known solution I haven’t seen yet please leave a comment about it.

Thanks. Keep it tidy.

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