iPad mini review

I didn’t receive my 16gb iPad mini until the Thursday after Christmas because it had to be shipped and there was a serious run on them, etc. I had given my old iPad away and I simply restored from an iCloud backup. I have been using it since.

Siri on the iPad is pretty nice. I use it on my iPhone quite a lot, mostly for reminders, appointments, iMessage, etc. when you need it, it’s pretty great. Same on the iPad.

The size. I do have to admit to sometimes missing touch targets every now and then because of the decreased size of UI elements. Nothing major, but even when it happens once its a pain in the ass. The keyboard has never given me problems, it’s areas within applications. So that bit isn’t the most fun. I can put this into a back pocket, with the fear of sitting down forgetting its there. It’s quite portable and every bit an iPad.

The screen. It’s not quite retina, but its something I haven’t noticed very much to be honest. Every now and then I might see some white text on a black background that is small enough to make it blurry. Quite rare. The screen is decent and utilitarian. I have no qualms.

I use the iPad even more now, and I plan on using it at work for taking notes, etc. even more than I do with an iPad 3 that I have kicking around there. Lugging it was always the drawback.

More as I continue to use it, but I love it. Writing this now in landscape on it right now

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