The Mobile Book by Smashing Magazine

The ePub version – glorious.

Smashing Magazine has produced a really amazing read: The Mobile Book. While I generally look past books on mobile topics because the mobile space is one that moves and gyrates so frequently and with such large, unpredictable steps. I usually opt to read blog posts on technology/design related sites.

I have not completed a full read of this book as I purchased and began reading only today in a cursory fashion. What I have seen though has proved to be pretty timeless in it’s presentation. There were things one might assume about the space, but have certain things spelled out with footnotes to back them up opened my eyes a few times already. And yes, I too have the Apple Human Interface Guidelines on my iPad.

The Table of Contents contains the following chapters

  • What’s Going On In Mobile?
  • The Future Of Mobile
  • Responsive Design Strategy
  • Responsive Design Patterns
  • Optimizing For Mobile
  • Hands-On Design For Mobile
  • Designing For Touch

The design of the printed book (gorgeous by the way) translates very well to the electronic format. It’s very tasteful in presentation and there are plenty of images to round out the experience. A lot of good information is presented in easily digested paragraphs that aren’t short on content. This book isn’t an exploded list of Keynote bullet points.

An Addendum Is Coming

Yes, In January of 2013 an addendum will be made available for free to those who have purchased the book. It’s coming as an electronic book, “The Mobile Platforms”. It will cover

  • Mobile UX Design Patterns
  • Developing And Designing For iOS
  • Developing And Debugging HTML5 Apps
  • Understanding The Android Platform
  • Designing For The Windows Phone


I purchased the electronic version (which includes ePub, Kindle, and PDF). I saved a portion of a tree by doing so and technology books and publications aren’t generally ones that I feel the need to thumb through. Side note: works like Tolkien I insist on owning as those fuddy-duddy old-fashioned printed paper hardback books.

Anyway, I have my iPhone synced to my laptop at home and I didn’t want to Book sync using my work computer as it’s contents are different. I could have just emailed the PDF to myself and opened it up in iBooks – but since I had the ePub which is superior, why not use it?

I tossed the downloads into my DropBox folder, and then on my iPad at work simply downloaded to the device, and when I was told it couldn’t be opened by DropBox, I chose to open it up in iBooks. Installed and I have been reading this version for a while. 417 pages all told at my current iBooks settings.

It’s a delightful read, there are enough visuals for my taste, the footnotes are very welcome, and all this for $18 (in three mobile formats). You simply can’t go wrong here.

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