My OS X Sidebar UI Issue

Situation: My wife was playing around for a while on our Retina Macbook Pro this evening and then handed it over for me to edit some photographs. I opened a Finder window and noticed that there were tons of items missing. Everything under Favorites was missing.

A screenshot of the hidden Favorites.

A screenshot of the hidden Favorites.

Hmmm. A Finder bug? A preference? I relaunched the Finder. Nope. That didn’t work. I checked Finder preferences for the Sidebar and all the items that were missed were checked off. I started searching around the internet looking for answers and saw things like corrupt preferences, etc.

Nothing was getting me to the goal of having those items back in the sidebar. It shouldn’t have mattered so much, but when these little things happen they annoy me until I get them fixed.

Result: After messing around for a while I finally noticed the little rollovers for the subheads in the Sidebar. You either see “Hide” or “Show”. This makes sense, but why would such a thing be hidden? Visually it’s cleaner. Also if you’re list view folders will have carets next to them – I imagine the designers at Apple said that could be confusing to place carets beside the subheads to expand and collapse them.

It’s a usability issue. One of the few I have with the latest OS X. It cost me time trying to figure it out even though the solution was there all along – I just had to expose it with my mouse first. In my opinion that’s lame – especially for a Finder window which nearly everyone will see all the time.

This was just my quick little rant.

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