The Kindle Fire for reading

I am a complete Apple follower and I have been since I was in grade school knowing the in’s and out’s of my Apple ][+. So when my wife wanted to get a Kindle Fire for reading (she said the iPad was just too big to take on trips, etc.) I said sure but inside I felt queasy about it. Inferior Android and all that.

Well, we bought one and she used it for about 20 minutes. Her goal was to read books and magazines. It failed horribly for periodicals so she gave up on it. And it sat. And sat. Forgotten to a coffee table.

I found it while cleaning up our bedroom recently and I charged it up. I dislike devices devoid of life. I quickly bought The Hobbit and tried it out last night.

Honestly, it provides a really good experience for reading books. It’s very responsive. The definition feature is lightning-fast and the sharing thing is mildly cool. Popping into a web browser to catch up on some news and then jumping back to the book is nice. The software keyboard on the thing was very nice as well – the fact that the keys don’t expand above your finger is actually a little less distracting than the experience on an iOS device. The thing is snappy for sure.

It’s only been one night, but if I wanted to take a device on a trip and read some books, I’d pick this. It’s up to the task, integration with Amazon is nice enough, the browser is okay enough, and  I wouldn’t kill myself over losing it (except to change the Amazon password immediately) because it’s pretty cheap.

I am surprised. But it’s true.

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