Rush Clockwork Angels: TD Garden

I had to zoom a little on the Canon to get this, but it’s a decent shot.

Holy shitski. The boys played for over three hours and they kicked ass every second of those three hours. To be honest, I was spent with about thirty minutes left in the show. Consensus: This is without question the overall most epic Rush concert I have ever attended, and I have been to plenty. Hell, I think it’s almost up there with the Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour. It might be better in some ways.

I purchased tickets pre-sale as soon as I saw the tour dates. I remember that I wasn’t given the option to choose tickets, I saw Floor E Row 11. On the map it looked like it should have been decent seats. I bought them and then wondered about not being able to select – our seats when we arrived weren’t great. I was hoping for a lot closer, but we were dead center.

They ripped through the first set – I won’t be giving out the setlist(s) in case you wanted to go and be surprised. It’s really easy to find out if you want to anyway. Two empty seats to my left – excellent, room to move around! Perfect sight lines! Lots of head bobbing going on. After a few songs those two seats to my left filled up. One of the guys was intensely dancing, air-guitaring, signing, etc. I was happy to let him take up some of my space.

Then two guys came in and moved right in front of me. Normally not a problem but the guy directly in front was around 6′ 3″. I had to peep around him for basically the rest of the concert. I was a little bummed about that. The last concert I attended was Maiden and I was in the pit – I could not have been closer. So I was spoiled and a little depressed about lack of killer seats this time. I tried not to let it affect me.

Neil was on fire all evening. Geddy sounded at least ten years younger… he was incredible. And Alex was mostly spot on, and some of his solos were truly epic. I saw Geddy drinking water or something between each song – a magic elixer to let him hit all those high notes again? However it was happening, it was awesome.

TD Garden’s sound isn’t exactly awesome in my opinion. I could definitely hear the bass guitar, but Alex sounded a bit muddy unless soloing. Neil sounded a little muddy as well unless he was soloing too. His “spacey” drum solo I would have paid $50 for a recording of on the spot I loved it so much – and I typically hate those triggered solo things.

The entire show is almost an art piece. I saw so many beautiful lighting effects, so well crafted and artistically synchronized that took things to a wholly different level. The driving rain effect with the lights took me by surprise and I was delighted by it. The running videos, especially for The Garden was perfection. Each song carefully crafted with lighting, video, and subtle details. Someone spent a LOT of time on this show. Kudos. It was amazing. Over the top.

The mini-orchestra. Truth: I couldn’t tell they were actually really doing anything until about two or three songs into the second set. Muddy or simply over-powered. Some adjustments made on the mixing board a while later and they made their impact. It was still subtle in places, but very profound in others. It was nice to have them there. That lighting thing where they shifted lighting on their left and right rapidly to make them appear to shimmer and freeze in time? Loved it!

Again, I was spent with thirty minutes to go in the show. I could have started for that car at that point. But stayed through the finale. We waited in the parking lot for 45 minutes, and I have work tomorrow. But it was so worth it – another top-notch concert from the boys that I wish I was still at. Even though my feet are sore and my knees ache as I type this. And I’m a lot younger than they are. Alex was bantering with the crowd during 2112 and goofing around like he forgot how to play sections and he was nailing it the entire time through all that. Alex is awesome.

Rush truly kicked ass tonight. They kicked my ass. I can’t wait to listen to CA again in the car tomorrow.

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