Thank you Steve. Again.


Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of Steven P. Jobs. Thank you Steve. Again.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since Steve passed away. It feels like it only happened a few months ago. I still remember being on my iPad with my daughter (she likes me to sit in her room sometimes until she falls asleep at night) and finding the news online. I knew that Steve was very sick and there were rumors of this and that – and a photo that went viral showing Steve looking like he weighed 100 lbs.

But it was something one stayed hopeful about. I guess when he stepped down and was out of the news for the most part, it was easy to think he’d stay the same and somehow beat his illness. And then suddenly he just stopped. The world stopped a bit. And the world cried.

I still have a working Apple ][+ with Monitor ///. It’s what started my entire career really. That and some talent and a lot of dedicated hard work. I grew up with Apple – both maturing at the same time. That’s part of what made Apple and Steve so special to me.

Thank you Steve. Thank you Apple. Who knows what path I may have taken instead of the one you helped light in the dark forest of uncertainty.

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