iPhone 5? Certainly.

iPhone 5

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The time has come for my wife, myself, and for millions of others. Time to get new hardware from Apple to place phone calls, manage our calendars, listen to music, sync in the cloud, and run our apps. My wife and I waited past the iPhone 4S and the allure of Siri for the iPhone 5. We’ll be happy once the initial rush takes place and we can get our hands on them without a lot of waiting or fuss.

Its a little funny when I hear “the other side” talk about the iPhone. So they stretched it – what innovation! So now it can do 4G LTE… we’ve had that for a long time already. Why doesn’t Apple do some innovating already?

For us at least, we’ve long ago bought into the Apple ecosystem. The cloud. iTunes. Notes. Reminders. OS X Mountain Lion. Facetime. Apps. Calendars. The iOS developer membership. WWDC. Apple TV. Time Capsule. Airport Express. It’s a great thing – seamless integration… behind the scenes confidence. Extreme usability, user-experience as expected.

So all this talk about innovation, customization, etc. That’s talk for Android. You can customize stuff, hack this, hack that, etc. all while having to deal with a UI that’s poor in my opinion when compared to iOS. iOS hasn’t changed very much – because Apple nailed most of it out of the gate. It works and was designed for the typical consumer.

Android to me feels more like an experiment – when I sometimes navigate somewhere I wonder how I got there – wondering if I’ll be able to repeat the process to get there again. Sometimes I do, other times I don’t. It’s frustrating.

I’m starting to whine here and that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the excitement in regards to the iPhone 5 and even iOS 6. My wife doesn’t study what’s in releases – she just knows having the latest version of software is better. Having a phone with screaming speed in several areas, a larger screen without feeling like a boat paddle, etc. is going to nice – and having access to Siri finally will be nice.

My only two concerns with iPhone 5/iOS 6:

  1. No NFC. You don’t need NFC to allow for near-field e-commerce. NFC is not a standard yet, but it certainly seems to be gaining traction here and there. I would think Apple knows what it’s doing so they must have their reasons, and BTLE could handle it… but it would be nice if it was an option in the future if they ever decided to just turn it on with some software updates.
  2. Maps. Getting away from the doing evil do no evil people is a good move. Why line the pockets of Google and hand over all that data when you can do it yourself? However Yelp! and other services are going to need to have a lot added to them in being able to supply better and more data. Again, I think Apple knows what it’s doing. Ping didn’t work out so well, but they normally have more hits than misses. While the Maps thing could be a problem, I use a different GPS-directional maps application. It’s not free, but it’s served me very well for over two years. Updates (like our normal GPS units in our cars) are things of the past – you just get the freshest data when you use it. So in reality, this isn’t a very large concern – but it might be for others.


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2 thoughts on “iPhone 5? Certainly.

  1. David Lawrence

    I was an Android user up until last November when I switched to an iPhone. I’ve been on the fringe of Apple for a while, I’ve been using a MacBook Pro at home for a few years. I had the original Samsung Galaxy S on Verizon (the “Fascinate”). It sucked… between my better half and myself we went through 5 of them in 2 years because they just kept breaking. Nothing was visibly broken, but they just stopped working.

    I’m a software dev and we have quite a few Galaxy S3s floating around the office for testing. As you mention, they’re like boat paddles. The one thing I liked about the Fascinate was the form factor. The iPhone 5 has almost exactly the same form factor, and it’s a good size both in the hand and pocket.

    In the last few months I have to say I’ve been much more satisfied with my iPhone and iOS 6 than I was with Android. On the topic of NFC, it’s still glitchy. We’ve tried it out with S3 to S3, Nexus 7 to Nexus 7 and S3 to Nexus 7. It’s fiddly, doesn’t detect a lot of the time, loses connection at the slightest twitch… When Apple eventually puts it in the iPhone, I bet it will work perfectly, everyone else is jumping the gun and providing a poor experience in the process.

  2. Eric Post author

    David, thanks for your reply and your input. I like your blog as well.

    It’s January 9th and I am still having bugs with Do Not Disturb. Those were supposed to have cleared themselves up by the 7th but I haven’t experienced the fix yet. I turn DND on a schedule, but it doesn’t display the schedule in the settings application. So I don’t think it will turn on when scheduled for Notifications. I hope this somehow resolves itself soon™.


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