Apple Retail is the best for a reason

Photo Credit: Apple Inc.

Yesterday I had yet another fantastic experience with the Apple Retail store, in this case The Natick Collection in Boston, MA. I’ll let you know what happened.

We took the kids to Newport, Rhode Island yesterday for a day trip. Time to unwind a little, partake in some ocean views, do a little shopping, some cupcakes, and generally have a little fun. When we arrived we went straight to Brenton Point State Park. It was very humid, with buckets of haze flowing in from the ocean. Not great visibility, but it was different. We climbed a wind deformed birch tree near all the kites and took some great photographs. We then went down to the ocean. Low tide. A little dead reek in the air, humid air, etc. Still fairly relaxed even with those conditions. My wife is taking some more photos of the kids and plunk. She dropped her phone in a tidal pool. Salt water. Five seconds. Not good.

That phone is a conduit for my wife’s work life. Now it was speaking about not being activated, screen flickering, etc. We turned it off immediately but we both knew it had given up the ghost. An instant injection of stress. We went to the Barking Crab, ordered some lobster (yes, our six year-old son had his own), mac and cheese for our daughter, etc. We had to get back to Boston early now so that I could take the phone to the Apple Store and see what would happen. We were fully prepared to pay an unsubsidized price to get another.

Driving back we made a Genius Bar appointment – which is always required because The Natick Collection store is always bumping like a rave. Anyway, after a delightful ten minutes I walked out of the store with a brand new iPhone that was activated and syncing some photos, etc. The only rub I had was the Genius selected “set up as a new phone” – which meant that it was syncing iCloud data from my wife’s account, but there was an iCloud backup made at 4AM that morning that should have been used instead.

So I got home, wiped the phone and then set it to use the iCloud backup. Bam! Apps, Music, all that stuff back on the phone – except those photos taken in Newport because they hadn’t hit her Photostream yet.

Not too shabby! The Genius was awesome, everything took ten minutes, and my wife has a fully working and synchronized brand new phone in less than ten hours total. It was a fantastic experience as usual, and all that stress now gone. It sucks that it happened, but it was all fixed up extremely quickly. When that iPhone 5 hits, two will find a home here.

Thanks Apple :)

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