Day three with the MBP Retina

About This Mac

That screen shot came in at 642 x 730… showcasing that screenshots on the MBPr are going to require a little work to resize for the rest of the non-retina world.

Anyway, this laptop is an absolute beast. It’s fast in ways that constantly surprise me. I pound on iPhoto, Lightroom, Xcode, Photoshop, etc. back and forth during the same session and it doesn’t skip a beat. It’s shaving time off of everything. It sounds bizarre, but even surfing takes a fraction of the time – everything is responsive. Launching apps is more like switching to them already running it happens so quickly.

This speed demon is going to be the perfect companion in editing RAW photos and videos for family posterity. Anything else is a plus, and it has a ton of those.

If you can swing it, jump on the chance to own one of these. I hope that the desktop models are updated in a fashion to be quicker than this design – it would be simply amazing. I can’t fault this thing at all. I did get a Superdrive just in case – already used it to transfer a DVD of photos, and the drive is cheap.

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