I met Scott Forstall

20120617-201813.jpgI was able to meet Scott Forstall after the WWDC 12 Beer Bash Neon Trees concert. After all the free beer (and they had Pabst Blue Ribbon which I thought was pretty awesome) I went around the side of the stage to go and take a slash. When I turned around the corner of the stage I saw a little gang of people forming and Scott and his bodyguard? started to make for the exit.

The slash would have to wait. Initially it was just a few younger developers who ganged up to him for a photograph. One bright kid flipped up a business card while posing with Scott – Scott snatched it and pocketed it quickly.

I didn’t get a chance for a photo with him as I forgot that I could flip the camera around. I regret that bit but did get to meet him and exchange a few words, etc. Pretty awesome.┬áSuper nice guy.

I was hoping to catch Schiller but I didn’t see him come out and I didn’t want to wait too long as I still had to hit the head and that was a top concern. I think Phil was probably already in one because he was knocking suds down during the concert at an impressive clip.

Had a lot of fun at a concert for a band I’d never heard of before. Thanks Apple.

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