I’m really excited to be attending WWDC this year. The last time I was in San Francisco for anything was for FlashForward I think. I’ve been to a few MacWorld conferences and have enjoyed a SteveNote from just behind the press pool (close).

I feel lucky to have been able to get a ticket since they sold out so quickly. I’m lucky to be on the East coast and also lucky someone at work was talking with someone early in the morning who noticed tickets went on sale before I got my SMS message about it. I definitely would have missed out if not for that.

Jeff LaMarche used to help run a bus pilgrimage to Apple on the Sunday before things kicked off, but it looks like this isn’t happening this year. If anyone has heard of something else please leave a comment. I was thinking of renting a car but it’s a pretty long drive (2 hours?) to arrive someplace where I’d know not where to go or where to park, etc. It would be tough to do during the week and miss out on a lot. Perhaps I’ll just have to pass on it.

Anyway, my Twitter account: @eric_dolecki

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One thought on “WWDC 12

  1. ScottK

    The pilgrimage to Cupertino _is_ happening again this year! Sign up here: tinyurl.com/pilgrimsignup .

    Scott, Patrick, and Jeff (emeritus)


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