Happy Easter: Polish Bialy Barszcz or Zurek Wielkanocny

Here is a little recipe that has been handed down over many years – I have seen many other recipes that do not include vinegar (as it’s a shortcut but it comes from those working in the fields without great means).

2 lbs. holiday kielbasa (has marjoram)
1 lbs. pork spare ribs

Place in a large pot (huge) an cover with water 1/2 to 3/4″ over. Boil until the kielbasa is cooked and the rib meat is gracefully falling from the bone. Remove from heat, remove the meat and place on a platter and refrigerate. Save the water as this will be used the next day to create a broth. Refrigerate. I don’t keep the pork usually, but you’re free to. Why waste it.

Next day:

Skim the fat that has congealed on the top of the water  and throw it away. Heat the water back up again and bring it to a boil.

In a small bowl, beat 2 eggs and 1/3 cup evaporated milk. Beat until blended.

Salt the water to taste.

Put in as much cider vinegar as you need into the water. I prefer a pretty sour broth so I end up using a lot. This dish requires a distinct acid component and bite… so be brave.

Turn the water down to low and spoon a little of the broth into the eggs – tbsp at a time. You put the broth into the egg mixture so the eggs don’t cook. If you were to pour the eggs into the broth straight away, you’d end up with a curdled mess. Once you’ve added enough broth so that it’s about 1/2 broth and 1/2 egg mixture you can then pour back into the broth.

You’ll need cubed ham, sliced kielbasa, hard boiled and cut up eggs, some ripped up pieces of authentic rye bread if you can manage it, and some volcanic horseradish. Put those into each serving bowl & pour the broth atop the whole thing.

Easter tradition in my family.

Here is an alternate recipe that I’ve yet to try that doesn’t involve vinegar.

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