Star Wars in 3D? My take…


About as good as lukewarm brussel sprouts...

If you love Star Wars, you’ll probably see Episode I again anyway, this time in 3D, as I did when I took my son tonight. I liked episode 4, 5 & 6. In Episode I the acting remains of course the same – the only decent performance in the entire movie is given by Anakin’s mother. The script is totally horrendous. I was stuck in that Lucas horror show with no clear way out.How was the 3D though?

In a great many places the 3D was so obviously forced and manufactured that it was distracting. Whoever did the masking and stuff did a decent job, especially with some of the hair and stuff. As a whole, the 3D was a hacked okay. Worth it to see it again? No way. Good enough to take a kid who hasn’t seen it before? Certainly – my son loved it. If the movie was nothing but watching Star Wars figures melting in a microwave for two hours he’d probably like it.

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