Today I feel absolutely sick, like countless others. Today passed one of my absolute heroes. Steve Jobs was the sole reason I got into tech to begin with… my father having lost his new Apple ][+ to me and long nights of coding on my own.

I can’t even properly put into words what this man did for me and for others. I was shocked that the end came so quickly.

After many tears all I can say is thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I only hope that Apple continues to innovate and produce amazing products moving forward. I think a large part of the allure of working for Apple is centered around the fact that they had a task master in charge of decision making and projects. He was critical of people who didn’t perform well. He pushed people beyond their normal limits to develop great products. They loved and hated him at the same time. They loved for what he made them realize. They hated him during production and development because he didn’t take crap as a solution. He took risks, abandoning technologies in lieu of better solutions.

Apple doesn’t (didn’t) market test like other companies do – he had a knack of knowing himself what he wanted and that almost always turned out for the best. If it past the Steve Jobs smell test, it was good enough to pursue. I don’t think you can replace his mind or his drive currently within the walls of Apple. I hope that his spirit lives on in a strong way at the company I love so much.

Genius only comes around a few times every few centuries. He took a company on the edge of disaster and turned it into the best company in the world. How many companies has he made possible?

I never met the man, but was fortunate enough to have attended a keynote in the front row when the iPod was first released. He made my own career possible. He was an amazing man. Beyond technology. Here’s to the crazy ones.

My son and daughter use our iPhones and iPad regularly – they got it from the beginning and love those devices. They learn, play games, interact with information, etc. Steve made that possible.

I’ll be okay at some point. I’ll be able to breathe. Right now I feel a little lost. I grew up with this man and his company. He impacted me to such a degree that I am taking this emotionally very hard. I feel for his family and for all those who knew him. The world just grew a little dimmer and I don’t know if that point of light could ever be replaced. I feel a bit lost.

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2 thoughts on “Devastated

  1. Eric Post author

    Hey phil. I approved your comment. It’s my life, it’s my feelings. If you think that I need to get a life, let me let you know that I have one and it’s absolutely great! Your compassion is noted.


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