Hemispheres delights my kids

Lately my three year-old daughter has really taken to Rush in the car. Louder is better. My five year-old son loves it too. But it’s the album Hemispheres which really gets them going. The whole first side, start to finish.

I picked them up tonight at their grandparent’s house and it’s about a 20 minute drive. I put some Rush on and my daughter tells me, “Daddy, no… this is boring. I want a different Rush.” I had put on Test For Echo.

So I put Hemispheres on (again) and immediately they are transfixed, their arms moving and their heads gently bouncing.

My son starts drumming on his legs – and for some of it he is actually on time and doing well. My daughter tries to do the same, but she doesn’t have the stamina yet. My son finishes the side as we pull into our garage.

It warms the heart. I wish Neil was in the passenger seat for that ride, I think he would have appreciated it.

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