iOS Development: Charging Devices

When you’re developing for iOS (or Android for that matter via direct or AIR) you normally end up with a lot of devices sitting out on your desk. After some time you probably end up cycling through devices on your USB ports… which isn’t a whole lot of fun.

Depending on how many devices you have, it could be a serious inconvenience. So I am looking for something clean, organized, and that can accommodate as many devices as possible.

Griffin made a PowerDock for about a minute that would dock up to four devices (iPhone) but it’s been discontinued and didn’t support iPads.

There is the PhotoFast for around $100 that docks 4 iOS devices or an iPad (not iPad 2) and two iOS devices. Does anyone have this bit of hardware? It looks like a decent solution. Or do you know of a better solution than the PhotoFast? Thanks for any feedback.

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