What a sad day for me

I knew the day would come someday.

I just didn’t think it would be today. Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO today. It’s hard to put into words how this man enriched not only my life but the lives of countless others. I grew up with this man as he crafted things to make my own personal dreams come true. My childhood is intertwined with this man’s passion, precision, and visions of the future.

He lives, hopefully peacefully and in the best health available to him, but a piece of me just died a little bit today. I wish him nothing but the absolute best of everything. I still feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach and it’s been a couple hours since I first saw the developing story online.

Tomorrow I plan on creating a poster with this man’s image, simply saying, “Thank you. For everything.” I’ll hang it up on my storage door at work next to my desk. With a little tear in my eye.

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One thought on “What a sad day for me

  1. Daniel Freeman

    You’ve expressed these sentiments very eloquently. I first got my hands on an Apple II as a school work-experience placement. My love-affair with the Mac started with its UK debut at the PCW show in Earls Court. Apple’s innovation and direction post-Amelio has been incredible, exciting, miraculous, and world-changing. Steve Jobs is my hero. The news is difficult for me, and I feel very concerned about his well-being today.


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