Winnipeg Jets unveil their new logos


Since I used to be a print graphic designer and I fancy myself a decent eye for art, I wanted to weigh in on the new Winnipeg Jets logo that has been unveiled. In general I think it’s pretty nice – with some caveats.

Let’s start with the circular logo. It’s pretty awesome. It evokes a compass rose and in that visualization it works very well. The lines are clean and I like the shape of the jet aircraft. I like the incorporation of Canada’s symbol of the red maple leaf. However one thing really perplexes me. The hues of the red are very close to those grays in the aircraft. A black and white or greyscale version of that mark would show the problem – visual separation of the jet and the maple leaf is very low. My guess is there a distinct black and white and greyscale version of this mark – I don’t have a problem with that at all. But in it’s colored version I think the colors are too close. Perhaps a little white bounding rule for the jet might have worked better here. But I like the mark a lot.

The pilot wings mark. I like this too. You know those wings pilots wear to show they earned their place in the sky? It’s been incorporated here with the crossed hockey sticks and the maple leaf. There is no jet per sé, but I like the flying metaphor a lot. It makes sense if you are aware of the symbol. I wonder if there was a version that mimicked actual aircraft wings or not too.

The typographic logo is nice as well. Modern fonts combined and the “Jets” reminds me of skywriting a little bit. The letters are joined together in a kind of quasi-cursive implementation. I imagine that the “s” evokes the most feeling of the skywriting to me, and it’s very effective.

Overall whomever was responsible for the graphic design of these marks did a very good job. Grey and red together is a tough marriage of hues but they mostly made it work here. Well done.

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