MSF Day Two (final day)

MSF Card

In all of it's glory

Woohoo! After another day of course instruction and a multiple choice test (really easy, scored a 100%) and then off to the course.

We got there early and watched the morning driving class take their driving exam. Watching them made me nervous and I was basically one form or another unsettled. We did the box and the swerve in 2nd gear  & stop and drop to 1st.

The box wasn’t easy at all, but after awhile I was starting to get it. And then off to quicker speed drills. After a while I thought to myself, “Screw it, relax and have fun on this loaner motorcycle.” And things got better.

After the previous day being around 90 degrees, today was around 95. But there was a slight breeze and my body had become accustomed to the heat. Given that though throughout the day I drank about a gallon of water, with no exaggeration.

I was in the middle of the pack and after seeing some others struggling a bit with he box, I felt a little more relaxed. Of course I broke a boundary marker doing the box, but the did the swerve and stop just fine.

Next was quick stop in 2nd gear. I forgot what my distance was, and I can’t tell you how fast I was travelling because my speedometer didn’t work. Neither did the gearing really and 1st gear was exceptionally jumpy without really giving it the business. It could be some fault of mine (I’m sure some) but I hated that bike. And of course I got it two days in a row. I did well on the stop.

Then there was the two turns things, slowing for the second before rolling through it. Did really well again.

A guy who dropped his bike HARD about 30 minutes before the evaluation test did among the best of the group. One guy (who was really annoying) scored perfect (a zero).

Everyone in the class passed and overall it was a whole lot of fun. I can’t say those of us without bikes could handle a 675cc bike or not, but at least the equation has been laid out and is fully understandable.

Good day :)


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