iOS.Android.WP7 poll results

After having received enough responses to the poll I put up a while ago gauging where readers here were at in regards to iOS(iPhone) versus Android versus WP7, I’ll let you know what I’ve seen so far.

  • Android is the overall preferred platform (41%) compared to iOS (34%) with WP7 at 17% and Other coming in at 7%. I expected Android to be high given the readers here are usually Flash designers and developers and Android makes that possible in a better way than iOS. I was surprised by the WP7 responses, but it’s an interesting UI paradigm for sure.
  • Adoption of the iPhone 4 for Verizon gathered a low response (7%). Most were happy with Android (38%) and were set. Contracts and other considerations probably factor heavily into the question, so perhaps this wasn’t a very good question to have asked.
  • Verizon easily beat the other carriers for signal acquisition. Pricing went to Sprint. Coverage very easily went to Verizon. AT&T and Verizon tied for travelling. Verizon beat Sprint fairly handily for best data plans. We’ll see if that changes :)
  • The iPhone (no surprise) came in with the best apps, best user experience & best accessories. Android came in easily with the best features. WP7 didn’t really factor much in the device/operating system matrix at all.
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