My little baby

20th Anniversary Mac

It was innovative. It was very expensive. It’s beautiful. Jony Ive 1997.

I get to look at it any time I’d like to as it sits a foot away from my seat. It fires up quickly and runs well. I can listen to radio on the thing if I’d like. It runs Mac OS 9.1. Wrist pad is made of leather, you can┬ádetach┬áthe trackpad or remove it and replace with another leather piece. You can use a mouse instead of the pad if you’d like to. TV Tuner, FM tuner, etc.

Now I wonder what these things go for these days. I’ve heard north of $1,000 if in great shape, and this beauty is in wonderful shape. The power brick lives in the bass module, which allows for such a thin profile.

If you find this geek toy interesting, I’d be curious what you think it might be worth, should it be donated to a computer museum someplace? I already have a basement full of Macs (including an original 128k with System 1.0 on the floppy) with a serial number under 300 (if I remember correctly). Still works great too, and that “Melt” option in the Finder is hilarious.

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One thought on “My little baby

  1. Bill

    That Mac is a thing of beauty. You should keep it as you will always wish you still had it if you let it go! There is one on ebay right now for $1,000 with an $1800 buy it now option. If I had that money lying around I would grab it as a keepsake. But if you’ve already got one, hang on it it. It is one of a kind!


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