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My primary domain has existed for a really long time now. It’s creation date is¬†2001-03-10. Not too bad. Anyway, during that time I’ve had a few hosting partners and currently I’m sitting on a media temple platter somewhere. I split off sub-domains a while ago in the hopes of better organizing content.

Well, that didn’t end up so well as I still had a lot of content back on my main domain and this blog’s sub-domain has become more active and relevant. I have directories of application specific content (ie. iOS application support URLs) that are just adding to some clutter.

It’s time to bring out a cloth, a bucket, a hose, some bit soap and do some cleaning up. This sub-domain will ¬†remain as my technology blog location. While I’ve not been updating it as much as I have in the past, I plan on picking up some slack there. I can’t blog about a lot of what I do, but some other things I’ll be able to post about.

I’ll have a photography space on disk, an oil painting space, perhaps a more personal blog space, and potentially a file-share and/or repository. I tried forums in the past and I don’t have the traffic to make that worth it. Kirupa pwns :)

So I’ll be killing the shambled main domain blog. Google cached pages will work for some in a pinch. I will not be porting over that older content.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

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