OpenGL ES on iOS – wow


So you’ve taken the time and trouble to hunker down and learn Objective-C to a fairly stable level. You aren’t aware of all the frameworks or all the classes at your disposal, but with some Googling and even some forum posting, you’re able to get things done. Once you’ve gotten a few languages under your belt, most of them start to look similar. You just have to see past the nuance and adjust accordingly.

Then comes along OpenGL ES. You’re interested because something you want to do is only achievable using OpenGL. And you find yourself icing down the ass-kicking your mind has received after going over some starting OpenGL ES for iOS documentation. It’s like trying to learn how to decipher hieroglyphics that were scribed by a madman while you’re playing 3D Trek chess while having your joints smashed with tiny hammers.

Holy crap. In order to achieve my fairly simple effects that I was able to quickly bang out in AS3, I know seem to have to learn really low-level stuff in order to make the magic happen for iOS.

In the end I’ll be a better developer for it, and a whole new avenue in developer city opened up for my leisure traffic, but it’s going to be really painful slogging. Wish me luck.

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