Novell Vibe (Flashcoders) – let’s kick the tires

Remember Google Wave? Sorry if I brought back any bad memories, but the technology is actually kind of cool. It just wasn’t implemented in a great way (in my and other’s opinions). However it lives on because Google open-sourced the project. Novell has taken up the reigns a bit and has come out with a public beta of something they call Novell Vibe.

I joined and created a group called Flashcoders – where real-time discussions and file sharing can take place. It’s url is: .

I understand that Vibe is probably more useful for individual projects. While there is message threading, it’s really free form like Wave was so if you are looking for a specific topic (like a Forum), it won’t make you happy. It is great for discussions though.

If you join and create a specific group (say AS3 and audio) or whatever, let us know. This could be a useful resource beyond forums and mailing lists. Kick the tires with me if you’d like. If it sucks, at least we gave it a go.

I hope some public APIs are released because web-only interaction isn’t really my cup of tea. Maybe they have been and I haven’t seen them yet… it’s all still pretty new. Happy Saturday.

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One thought on “Novell Vibe (Flashcoders) – let’s kick the tires

  1. Eric

    Either no one continues to care about this sort of thing or I just don’t have the visitors to get anything going. Consider myself to have abandoned the technology I posted about here.


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