Notifications for iOS?

I prefer the Android notifications system over iOS. However I prefer iOS as a platform. How might Apple address the current notification system?

You can’t have a drag from the top since many apps and games do not house a status bar to interact with. You have the double-press home button which brings up the app switcher/iTunes controls… but the left side of that is taken up with apps and the right side the audio/transport controls.

Would there be a single notification app that could not be quit  and exists in the first position with a badge of message count (generic) that would open up to display all notifications broken down by application? That could work, but involves work to view the notifications (double-press home, then select the generic messages app) Рnot ideal.

The way things are currently set-up it would seem that iOS has painted itself into a corner in regards to notification UI. You probably wouldn’t want some custom UI on home screen(s) that takes up a row of icons space that displays some expandable notification UI (think folder type expansion) because the user would have to single-click to the home screen to see what’s there in a preview & swipe that to expand?

If one were to place some system-level area above any running application (say gesture top to the right and then down in the top right corner) – would that affect performance and potentially interfere with an application’s touches?

A conundrum to be sure. How do you think Apple would best address the notification quandary they find themselves in at the moment?

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3 thoughts on “Notifications for iOS?

  1. John

    Just a quick thought…..Any time the user comes back to the system where there has been a series of notifications during the absence, iOS provides a single notification-> “X messages has been received” and a “view” and “skip” button. Viewing opens a Notification app/view. Skipping proceeds to the last opened app. When the user wants to see any past notifications, they can either navigate to the Notifications app, or via its permanent location in multi-task menu. … or maybe there is a gesture within the multi-task menu view that jumps to notifications.

  2. Dan G. Switzer, II

    1) They could certainly re-work the lock screen to show off a notification queue. The lack of seeing multiple notifications from the lock screen is probably my biggest complaint of iOS

    2) I still think there’s room to do something w/the app switcher (double home button.) When I double click the home button, I really don’t care that much about the currently open application. If the open app only showed me 33-50% of app, that would be *more* than enough to quickly jump back to the application. That would leave you w/a decent amount of screen to work in some notification information.

    However, what I’d personally do is do a dark overlay against the app (an effect like what happens when the screen dims) and just have a single bar at the top for going back to the open app that would be about the height of the app switcher at the bottom. I’d then use the rest of the screen reality to show a notification queue that you could scroll through to quickly open up items. IMO, this would be a *huge* improvement.


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