Reprimanded at GameStop

I just went on a Starbucks run and took my son along with me. Two stores down from Starbucks is a GameStop, so I decided we’d go there first in case they had gaming figures, etc. We walked into the store and immediately saw they didn’t have figures or toys of any kind. So I asked about a controller modifier.

Me: “Do you carry something called The Avenger?”
GS: “I’m sure I don’t know what that is.”
Me: “It’s a clamshell with levers that fits over a 360 controller.”
GS: “We don’t carry nor endorse cheating devices. You can get that online.”
Me: “Indeed I shall. Good day.”

What a weird exchange. GameStop employee, you can bite me. If I have to physically still move things to activate buttons but it makes it easier for me to do it quicker, I don’t consider it cheating. As long as I’m not in a tournament or something – which would never happen.

Let’s face it, I’m getting a little older. I spot guys in Black Ops easily and have a 300ms drop on them, but by the time I hit a trigger, my body is twitching from their hits killing me.  I wouldn’t use something that had rapid fire chips, etc. I do think that’s cheating. The Avenger is pretty close to cheating, but I think of it more as an aid.

Anyway, I followed up my reprimanding with a Venti Quad Soy Latte. Wearing my #43 jersey. Go Steelers!

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