A Sports Companion App Idea

I’m a sports homer – much preferring to listen to my sports team’s local radio broadcast instead of some lame national broadcasters waxing poetic about some nonsense. So I like to watch the broadcast in HD and try to listen to a home town radio broadcast over the internet. Think WDVE. However getting the two in sync is impossible.

If the broadcast adds a delay (in case someone says something offensive) or the internet stream is a bit behind, etc. you end up listening to the play-by-play to visuals that don’t match. It’s annoying enough to just say hooey to the whole thing and resort to dealing with the national broadcasters.

It would be cool to add something to internet audio broadcasts that would allow one to dial in an amount of delay to try and match the TV broadcast. Of course if the internet stream is behind the TV there is nothing one could do. The out of sync issue may not be a huge deal for some, but for me if it’s even off a little I find it annoying.

Anyway, it’s something that I haven’t seen out in the wild yet that a few people might find useful if created.

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2 thoughts on “A Sports Companion App Idea

  1. Chris

    I suppose you pull the “pause live TV” trick if you have a DVR that supports it and wait for the internet or radio broadcast to catch up… that would cover the reverse of your delay issue.

    1. Eric Post author

      Very true – although that method isn’t exactly accurate but with enough playing around it could probably get pretty close.


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