apple selling adobe cs5 scam

I just received a very convincing HTML email purporting to be from Apple (thought it’s really

The subject line is “The all-new Adobe Creative Suite 5. Get yours today with 80% discount. code:fseugiy htydfv adobe”. Hmm… 80% discount, huh? That sounds preposterous. And a subject line like that? Come on.

Creative Suite 5 Master Collection for $349. Right. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended = $109.90. I don’t think Apple would use “=” in an email, ever.

So of course being an honorable human being & knowing that Adobe nor Apple would offer such products at such low prices, I popped open the details and saw all the badness. All links point to the same PHP URL located in Taiwan at an educational domain. You should have hidden the PHP bit of it at least.

Those curious might just want to see what happens & thus produce a click. Don’t do it.

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4 thoughts on “apple selling adobe cs5 scam

  1. Scot Gaznier

    Thanks, with some searching your site popped up in Google. This is the second time this scam has come my way and some of it appears to come from Russia. I know what I paid for CS3 and those prices are way too good to be true.

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  3. troy

    got the same thing just now…bought cs5 yesterday for double that and was about to be pissed when my too good to be true filter kicked in…

  4. Dee

    I also received one, also. I did a screen capture of the URL before it disappeared, and it’s also appears to be from an educational domain .

    …then it says it is “redirecting you to” Apple, and then the url shows

    I also noticed in the header, it said,
    resent to:
    From: Apple

    Subject: Adobe Creative Suite 5. Get yours today with 80% discount. code:evsvdaxorymygu htydfv adobe
    Date: January 28, 2011 2:02:10 AM EST

    Resent-To: (My email address)
    Reply-To: Apple

    I hate to think of how many people get taken by this stuff.
    so the following addresses are bogus:

    be careful, people….Photoshop never sells that cheap. Nothing sells cheap..if it sounds too good to be true…….


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