Is WP7 gaining traction?

It’s been reported that Microsoft says 93% of WP7 customers are satisfied with their device and that 90% would recommend the platform to others. No specific details were given in regards to how those numbers were ascertained, but those sound like decent numbers coming so late (with something decent) to the mobile arena.

Those numbers do not match up with the poll that I posted recently, but I don’t get oodles of tech traffic compared to the probable data set Microsoft evaluated. I’ve gotten one poll that has responded with WP7 details (very positive) out of over 25 I have received.

The report from Microsoft also states that an average of 100 new apps hit the Marketplace every day, placing them over 6,500 applications. That’s pretty decent, and I’m sure it will grow at a quicker rate than it stands today. It pales in the face of the App Store for iOS, but let’s give things a little time. For how late they are coming around with these things, there is room to be hopeful.

Over 2,000,000 licenses sold to OEMs around the world. That means nothing to mean and is probably crypto-speak trying to hide their true sales numbers. License to OEMs doesn’t mean devices activated in people’s hands. I haven’t played with WP7 yet. The UI is intriguing to me for one simple reason: it brings social networking to the face. I’ve seen Android stuff that does similar things and it’s very compelling.

The allure of social networking for the lazy

When you have an iPhone, you have tiled groups or applications to look at. Simple but not immediately compelling. I’m lazy… I don’t want to have to launch my Twitter app and then my Facebook app and then flip between them just to see what new things are going on in my social spider web. WP7 brings that stuff front and center. I like that a lot.

iOS notifications aren’t as clever as Android. I haven’t seen them for WP7 yet. I haven’t decided on Android or iOS at this point… and I am not willing to hitch any cash to WP7 just yet. ┬áMy decision will all swing on if/when the iPhone 5 becomes available. I am a current Verizon customer and I am very happy with their service.

If Verizon’s iPhone 5 can do data/voice at the same time, that will put me over the top. If there are honestly compelling features of iPhone 5, that will sway me away from Android. I’m not 100% sold on Android either, leaving a 10% chance that I might consider WP7. Being a heavy Mac user, I don’t even know if that 10% should rather be demoted since I’d guess that WP7 is a gazillion times more friendly for those running Windows PCs.

We’ll see what happens.

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