screwing with flash developers

If you don’t mind the time it may take to gently guide a perplexed and anguished Flash developer through implementation details, SWCs can really fry lesser-developer’s minds.

It’s a bit mean, but you may have your reasons… such as turning project work over to another developer taking on the project which doesn’t please you, a client who is regularly tardy with monetized gratification, having some fun with another developer who thinks they are “all that” in your own group, etc.

So put your classes and or assets into a SWC. Link it up in the Advanced ActionScript settings, etc. In Flex embed is even better. Have developers scratching their heads wondering where the stuff in the code is coming from can be priceless.

Is it magic? Is code being pulled in somehow from another SWF? I don’t see a Loader. The Library is empty. WTF. WTF! How is this compiling? It’s working, but I wanna screw this Class up… how do I get at it? I want to make this interface element REALLY ugly… but how do I… UGH!!!

It’s not very often that people look at the linked SWCs… and lesser developers only see ┬ástrange spaghetti voodoo when they get into areas that contain file paths with wildcards for fear of destroying anything in their precious FLA file.

Of course if the stuff is local or coming from a local and shared SVN or CVS repo, it’s a lot easier to conceal this little technique.

Fun for a Tuesday afternoon.

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