my quick trip to canada

I recently spent some time up in Canada and it brought back a lot of memories for me. It was a sad trip because I travelled there to attend a funeral, but it was also joyous in that I was able to see a lot of family that I haven’t seen in ages.

Many of the people live at the ends of Canada, so visiting would be difficult.

flagSome random observations of my quick trip.

  • I couldn’t fly into Toronto and get a rental car to travel a bit south to my destination in Canada because the tickets alone were over $900 more than me simply flying into Buffalo, NY and crossing the border with some family and driving up. Tickets to Toronto are mad expensive.
  • Tim Horton’s is awesome, it’s workers were extremely nice when we stopped for a quick nibble (not the famous Timbits), but the coffee is horrible. Terrible. But it’s Tim Horton’s, so… hey!
  • If you order a whiskey, you’ll be asked what kind. If you order a rye, you’ll get Canadian whiskey. I tried a rye and ginger, but it was too sweet. Tried a rye and coke and it was much better. By the way, there is NO rye in Canadian whiskey whatsoever… no idea where the term comes from but they use it.
  • If you’re ever in Buffalo, NY order yourself a Beef on Weck. Make sure to get horseradish sauce and some au jus. Trust me on this one.
  • The border agents were in seriously foul moods. We weren’t singled out or anything, but if robots are ever programmed to be sour and pissed off and take zero guff, they’d make great border agents.
  • Canadiens must need to cheek their pockets a lot for holes because they deal in lots and lots of coins. As I understand it they may even get rid of the $5 canadian paper dollar in favor of a coin instead. I have a bunch of cool looking wildlife coins now.
  • Moslon, Labatts, etc. are excellent beers. But if you see Alexander Keith’s available, get a glass. It’s wonderful, and I’m not much of a beer guy.
  • Don’t watch a Montreal Canadian hockey game in a hotel bar and say out loud that you can’t stand them (because they bounced your team from the playoffs last year). It doesn’t go over well, although the people are polite enough not to get up or say anything about it. A mood does permeate the vicinity however. Pay the check and get.
  • Found out why breweries use green bottles for their premium beers (from a Labatts ex-employee). I still don’t like beer that pours from a green bottle though.
  • Canada is pretty awesome.
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