applescript to launch flash ide and files on boot

It’s not very often that I need to reboot my Mac… it hardly ever needs it. However, when it does need rebooting and I’m working on a large project that requires the Flash IDE and some FLA files to be opened, I have found that automating the process on reboot can be, dare I say it, nifty?

A little background information. I have an AppleScript that launches and connects me to several work servers – saving me a lot of time having to do it manually. This is done with a script that sits in my Startup Items folder (System Preferences > Accounts: Login Items).

Here is pseudo code that you could use to auto-launch your Flash IDE and open some FLAs:

-- you can access local stuff with DriveName:
-- you can access remote stuff using Volumes:
set flpath1 to POSIX path of "Volumes:userName:Directory:FolderOne:Folder Two :file.fla"
set flpath2 to POSIX path of "Volumes:userName:Directory:FolderOne:Folder Two :file2.fla"
set flpath3 to POSIX path of "Volumes:userName:Directory:FolderOne::file3.fla"

tell application "Adobe Flash CS4"
  set command to "open " & quoted form of flpath1
  do shell script command
  set command2 to "open " & quoted form of flpath2
  do shell script command2
  set command3 to "open " & quoted form of flpath3
  do shell script command3
 end try
end tell

I have no idea if this is useful for anyone or not, but I’ve found it to be in some situations. Thus I felt it would be nice to share it. There might be other ways to achieve this same thing, but you can see how the code is set up so that it could be used for other applications and files as well.

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