The Verizon Media Event

My current Verizon phone has been trying to abandon me recently. A few days ago I misplaced my trusty and crusty LG Dare. I scoured the house, my pockets, my car, the floor of the garage, etc. It was nowhere to be found. Until I checked the roof of my car. There it was. It had been sitting up there for three days. And never moved.

It’s simply insane that it didn’t fall off and become road kill. But it did want to leave me. I don’t blame it… I have been wanting an iOS telephony device for years now. But I never trusted AT&T enough to take that particular plunge. If Verizon announces this today (by the CEO of Verizon), I’ll be pretty happy. We already have nearly everything coming from them now anyway (cell, phone, FiOS).


I am authoring this post as I watch the textual Gizmodo liveblog taking place. I just saw something in regards to cloud data sync. Hmm.

I have recently become a bit friendlier towards Android. And I am on the fence in it’s regard to being placed in a pocket of mine. Let’s see what happens here with Verizon… (waiting patiently)…

…partnering with Apple… early February… February 10th. If already a customer, preorders February 3rd. 2-year standard contracts. Non-exclusive deal. Optimized antenna to work with CDMA. Talk and data at the same time. whew. You cannot talk and use data at the same time. That might kill this for me right there…

Verizon apps on it (VCast Media Manager, VZ Navigator).

Some thinking to do (Android vs. iPhone 4).

Cool news. One way or the other, this LG Dare is going to be recycle bin kissing.


Verizon’s iPhone 4 will serve as a hotspot (unlike AT&T)… up to 5 devices connected to the phone. Great. Wonder what the data plans are going to be… wondering if we’ll hear about the unlimited plan… no word, questions being taken from the audience.

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