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Google’s ebookstore

I have all the major ebook readers on my iPad, the latest being Google’s offering. While I dislike the lack of landscape support & the inability to create bookmarks, the rest of the service is wonderful. Just this morning I wanted to pick up where I left off in “Let’s Ride”. I forgot my iPad at home.

No worries, jump online and read it in the browser (serving up the same experience as on the iPad). When I pick the iPad up again later, it will open to where I left off in the browser. It’s like audiobooks on steroids (iTunes/iPhone).

The material available in the Google bookstore is pretty significant as there are tons of magazines in there. And the bookstore is built with Google’s awesome searching capabilities, allowing one to filter in oodles of ways to find what they are looking for. Get this too… some books purchased offer free book updates and free trial memberships to publisher book clubs (access to a million+ titles).

Library contains Favorites, Reading now, To read, and Have read, Books of Interest (Genius feature). Nice.

The fact that I can adjust the leading and the justification is very nice. One thing I found by accident was if you press and hold on the iPad, you get a magnification block, great for older readers (not me). I was looking for a way to highlight a word when I found it. There are many levels of font sizes too.

If Google adds the ability to use a dictionary, set notes/bookmarks (on selected passages), and set background types/brightness I think they may have the perfect thing going. The web integration is top-notch and something we’d expect from Google in the web realm.

It’s interesting to note that you can’t print pages in a browser (understandable), can’t select text (understandable), and I believe each line of text on a page is a separate UI element.

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