UX: Google’s Chrome versus Apple’s Safari

I enjoy almost all aspects of Apple’s Safari browser. It’s true. While it might not be the most popular browser by any stretch of imagination, it serves my needs very well. I use Google’s Chrome daily however. Why?

Chrome has a nifty little feature that I use constantly that Safari doesn’t have… search. Chrome doesn’t have a search input field. The address field serves double-duty as search entry for results in Google. Safari has it’s own dedicated search field, most likely to give users a choice of which engine they would like to have the search query sent to.

While that’s nice as far as options go, the unified address entry and search entry in Chrome saves me a lot of time. Whether it be looking up some class references through Google, performing an image search, etc. Chrome much quicker.

If Apple added this (if they could for legal reasons), it would be most welcome. Whenever I do fire Safari up I find myself mistakenly using it like Chrome, and I get to the built-in page telling me that the page couldn’t be found, and populating a search box with my query… forcing another page load with the fetch.

Happy Friday everyone.

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