ESPN: a simple audio UX

ESPN has a great little bit of user experience that they embed around their site that simply plays bits of recorded audio. Think of them as tiny podcasts if you’d like. I think the UI for this bit of functionality is rock-solid simple and usable. At least on a very fast internet connection (the thing buffers content for playback which can take a little time to happen before playback actually starts).

So what am I talking about? Here is the control lifted directly from ESPN (Mike & Mike in the Morning). “Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu addresses his comments about commissioner Roger Goodell and talks about dealing with injuries on the team. Plus, former NFL player Brian Bosworth joins the show to discuss hair.” I have no idea how long this MP3 file will exist on ESPN’s server, so if you come here at a later date, functionality might be missing (I don’t plan on cluttering my server with their media). I didn’t ask for permission to shlock the mp3 file, just sayin’.

Mike & Mike in the Morning (ESPN)

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