OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS

OpenGL is a topic that I personally have always delegated to programming voodoo that magicians perform to create fantastical displays via games and the like. Epic Castle? Wow. However, Jeff Lamarche is an iOS and OS X developer that I have been following online for some time. He has begun posting about OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS and it’s something that is presented in a very approachable way.

Every now and then he posts another chapter online. Now, OpenGL isn’t something that I would ever plan or expect to dig very deeply into, if the material overall is presented in a way that sticks with me, perhaps I’ll be able to push UI designs further in my own work. Things will be “doable” more often. I’ll be able to think about a interaction request and if OpenGL could handle such a task, I’ll be able to provide some voodoo of my own.

Start reading these posts for yourself if you are at all interested in this fantastic topic.

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