Subdomain site content migration

If you’ve found this subdomain site ( then you’re probably well-aware that there isn’t a lot of content here yet.

I currently have two other blogs executing code at the moment, but those are going to be phased out. Some of the information on those sites will be migrated into this system (database).

This site is meant to take the place of the others. Google’s cached pages will be able to serve those who are looking for and find something that I posted in the past. I do plan on carving out a ton of files from my host, I kept them around for quite some time just in case. But like old code, it just needs to be pruned.

The other site designs are lacking in several areas, and I was constantly trying out different themes which didn’t exactly work the way that I wanted them to. This new theme is being augmented by myself with css modifications and the introduction of new templates.

I don’t want to spend too much time playing with PHP at the moment to get things the way I’d like – so I chose a theme that I don’t believe will need much tweaking. At least that’s the plan. I’m too busy doing other things to worry about simple data presentation… I need to concentrate on the data itself.

My other sites suffered from the MediaTemple WordPress javascript injection attacks, and what a serious pain in the ass that turned out to be. Fixed well enough, but it was something I didn’t want to have to worry about.

Anyway, a new subdomain, new feed URLs, etc. are on the way.

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